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Who and what is the idea behind 2ND HOME HOTEL? These and many more questions can be read in this interview. So you can get to know us better and feel at home with us.

Gastgeber Florian König und Doris Hihn


Florian König and Doris Hihn, 2ND HOME HOTEL hosts


How did you start and where do you know each other from?

Doris: I did a very classic apprenticeship as a hotel manageress and then worked for a while in Switzerland, on a ship and in a star restaurant. At the age of 24, I arrived at a 4-star wellness hotel near here and was restaurant manager there for 10 years. Here I was able to use and deepen everything I had learned before and also got to know Florian.

Florian: I trained as a chef and worked in various restaurants and hotels, such as the Vier Jahreszeiten in Munich, the Heinz Winkler Residenz in Aschau and a 2 Michelin star restaurant in Stuttgart. After my apprenticeship as a chef I started, two years after Doris, as a chef in the same hotel and so we became a team. Whether it was a wedding celebration or à la carte, we organized many things together.


When did you realize you wanted to open your own hotel? How did the idea come about?

Doris: After working together for a long time, our own ideas and visions became more and more concrete. At some point, Florian approached me and said, “Gee, Mrs. Hihn, let’s start our own business together. I have an interesting offer.” It was said and done. We then ran a small restaurant with about 40 seats for five years. The success was there and the signs were pointing to growth. Since I come from the hotel industry, the decision was quickly made. At the end of 2018, we then started to build. Since then, we are here in our own hotel and very happy with this decision.



What did your parents say when you first came up with the hotel idea, Doris?

Doris: My mother was worried, of course. A lot of responsibility means even more work. Since I spent most of my time working anyway, this thought worried her a bit at first. But at the same time she was of course very proud and supportive. Typical mother.


What defines quality for you?

Doris: Living up to our own expectations. We want to offer our guests what we ourselves expect. And as we all know, you are your own biggest critic.

past vs. present.

As a twenty-year-old man, could you have dreamed that you would be here one day?

Florian: I never had “that one” career aspiration, but I started training as a chef when I was about 21. I have always had a certain affinity for good food and have always enjoyed the time spent together cooking and eating with family or friends. I could not have imagined that I would ever be in this position.


What sets you apart from others? What is special?

Doris : The personal touch. We love the direct contact with our guests and that is exactly what they appreciate. They trust us and feel at home with us.


Why are there works of art hanging on your hotel walls?

Florian: Basically, there is ONE painting in this hotel by an artist from Nördlingen, which is extremely expressive. The painting shows a dance scene from the theater with the dancer Pina Bausch. The demand to exhibit artwork at our hotel was great because we have many free spaces. However, we have always declined because we could not identify with the motifs of many proposals. I myself collect street art that has been put on paper. What attracts me to it is the topicality that the artists pick up on and the themes that they often address and implement in a witty or socially critical way. Our spaces are allowed to offer space for controversial perspectives.

Red Ladies

Favourite Dish.

What is your favorite dish, do you have it on the menu?

Florian : That’s difficult. Of course, we like to eat everything we offer ourselves. I think the eye eats with us. If the dish is a “flash” for the eye and tongue, then I can get excited about it. The combination of natural flavors and the cooking itself is important to me. For me, the favorite dish begins before it lands on the plate. Growing fresh ingredients, cooking together and eating together over delicious drinks. That’s the highlight for me. If I had to choose: the vegetable plate is already something special. First getting the vegetables from your own garden and then letting your creativity run wild when preparing them.

Doris: You can make me happy with simple things: Fresh salads and vegetables from our garden are pure pleasure for me.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

Doris: … that every day is different! It never gets boring and every day offers surprises. Our job depends on our guests and their wishes, so it’s impossible to predict what’s coming up every day. That’s exactly what I like.


Are there already plans for future projects?

Doris: Without revealing too much, we have a lot planned and always want to develop further. Standing still is not an option for us. Stay tuned!

Finish the sentence.


My favorite place in the hotel is …

Doris: … our hotel garden.

Florian: … my office. Sounds boring, but it lets me look into the exciting future of our company.


On a day off …

Doris: …I like to go for a walk in the forest. Here I can clear my head and recharge my batteries.

Florian: … I love to walk with my dog along the edge of the Ries and let my soul unwind.

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