It is clear that sustainability is a top priority for us…

… but now we have it in black and white – or rather: green and white. We officially and proudly hold the GreenSign certificate in our hands.

Inhaber halten GreenSign Zertifikat in den Händen


Florian König and Doris Hihn, 2ND HOME HOTEL hosts


GreenSign is the leading sustainability certificate for the hotel industry in Europe. By assessing eight core areas for sustainable business, GreenSign creates a harmony of ecological standards, social commitment and economic success. Following a comprehensive sustainability assessment in recent weeks, we have now been awarded the GreenSign seal by InfraCert, the Institute for Sustainable Development in the Hotel Industry. The classification of sustainability performance is based on 5 levels.  Level 5 stands for the highest sustainability level and requires a performance of over 90%. We are very pleased that we were immediately classified in the 4th level with a very high score.

The eight core areas of GreenSign:

  • Management and communication
  • Environment
  • Biodiversity and cultural heritage
  • Purchasing
  • Regionality and mobility
  • Quality management and sustainable development
  • Social responsibility
  • Economic responsibility

GreenSign thus stands for green hotels without sacrificing comfort, and we put this into practice. Our guests don’t have to sacrifice any comfort. On the contrary, through our sustainability focus, we offer innovative and green solutions – from the hotel architecture to the ingredients on the plate.

True to the GreenSign motto: Simple + Transparent + Sustainable.

Our beliefs:

  • Naturally different
  • Young talent
  • Responsibility
  • Urban garden & supply chain
  • Recharge
  • Construction & Materials

We see the GreenSign seal as both confirmation and incentive and look forward to a green future.

You can find more information about the certificate at:

Nachhaltigkeits-Zertifikat 2ND HOME HOTEL